Celebrate Everything

Our "Celebrate Everything" shirt campaign was a huge success for the foundation. Thank you to the many friends and family who purchased shirts and wear them proudly. We love receiving pictures of you in your shirts, so please keep them coming!  Thanks to your support, we raised over $4,000 towards our winter rescue vehicle. 

Why Celebrate Everything?

You may wonder, why do we promote the phrase "Celebrate Everything" when this foundation was founded based on tragedy? The answer is simple. Mark would want us to. Mark was known for elaborate celebrations, emotional toasts, and being the first to acknowledge the special moment. We continue his legacy by sharing his philosophy. Here is the full version of the profound quote he shared with us:

There will be great joy but there will also be heartache when you least expect it and that's one of the hard parts about life. So remember, celebrate every success. Celebrate every moment of joy and happiness that comes along. Not just the big ones, but every one. Celebrate everything. Those celebrations and special moments and special memories you create will carry you over the challenges that inevitably come in this thing called life - MFO