Non-profit status has been granted!

The Bouchard Trio Celebrating Everything!

The Bouchard Trio Celebrating Everything!

We’ve reached a monumental milestone as a foundation. The United States Government officially recognizes us as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We submitted this application in the beginning of August 2018 and we were given our approval in April 2019. That means we had 8 months of waiting on top of the countless hours it took us to prepare our application for submission.

If you aren’t familiar with the process of applying for non-profit status, allow me to briefly fill you in on what it takes. We are required to submit an application with all appropriate addendums to the IRS. This application took us months to put together and it included outlining details of how our foundation will run, including officer roles, bylaws, goals and fundraising plans. We also had to showcase our marketing materials and website, detail all financial activities to date, and agree to follow all governing rules for non-profits. Special shoutout to Kara Bouchard, for her meticulous attention to detail in the organization of this application.

Why did we become a 501(c)(3)?

There are so many advantages to becoming a non-profit. Most importantly, your donations are eligible as a tax deduction (remember to submit this information to your accountant!) Other benefits include:

  • Exemption from Federal income tax (this means we keep more money in our pockets to donate back to the community)

  • Exemption from state income tax

  • Discounts on key services like banking

  • Eligible donations from corporate programs.

How will we use this new status?

We are focused on corporate fundraising! How can you help? Ask your HR office or Community Affairs team if they have a matching program. Many companies will match your donation if you provide our EIN number. This means your $100 donation becomes $200 with just a click! How great is that?

Our EIN number is 82-2379328

We have some exciting matching programs in the works and will announce details soon. Email us through the contact us section of this site to discuss partnerships.

In the meantime, the entire foundation team is Celebrating Everything!

The fabulous Bouchard Brothers (Ben, 3, and Connor, 6)

The fabulous Bouchard Brothers (Ben, 3, and Connor, 6)