Improving communications among New Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation: The foundation's next donation

Four in from the left is Lieutenant Bradley Morse pictured with his team

Four in from the left is Lieutenant Bradley Morse pictured with his team

A Q&A with Lieutenant Bradley Morse

Question: Can you start by telling us what team you are a part of and who your team consists of?

Answer: I am the Lieutenant from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Conversation. Lake Winnipesaukee is located in the center of Fish and Game Law Enforcement District Two. One of our primary responsibilities is to patrol Lake Winnipesaukee. We routinely patrol the lake on boat during the open water season and on snowmobile or ATV during the closed ice season. We are the only law enforcement and search and rescue organization in the state that has that responsibility. By statute, we are required to respond to any call for assistance and conduct any search and rescue mission required.

Fish and Game Law Enforcement District Two is composed of 34 towns, the center of which is Lake Winnipesaukee. We have one Lieutenant, one Sergeant and five Conservation Officers. In addition to a cruiser, each officer is assigned between one and three boats, an ATV and a snowmobile. These motorized vehicles are used for routine patrol and search and rescue operations.

Question: Can you please describe the grant request that was fulfilled by The Mark O’Connell Foundation?

 Answer: We are being granted seven sets of a portable radio helmet kits that would be utilized by the Fish and Game Conversation officers who patrol Lake Winnipesaukee. The kit is attached to a portable radio and comes with an internally mounted head set for monitoring the radio, an internal microphone, and a wireless push to talk device to activate the radio. 

New Hampshire Fish and Game snowmobiles line up on the ice

New Hampshire Fish and Game snowmobiles line up on the ice

Question: What equipment does the team use today for communications? 

Answer: We currently carry handheld radios with a portable speaker while operating ATVs and snowmobiles. Due to the loud noise of the operating vehicle, wind and requirement to wear a helmet, it is difficult to monitor radio communications. Often times we miss calls from our dispatching agencies and have difficulties with radio communications, especially in extreme weather conditions due to cold, wind, snow and rain.

Question: How will this equipment make the lake a safer place?

Answer: This equipment will reduce the chance of dispatch calls being missed and will allow us to continue pursuit of emergency situations while maintaining communications. It will be a critical asset to our team.   

Note from the foundation: The equipment has been ordered through a local supplier in Moultonborough, Nh and will be installed November 2019. Check out our Facebook page this winter for updates on the equipment.